Tame Your Inner Critic
A 90-min Workshop for Women (ages 30+ on 3/31)

& Girls (ages 10-14 on 3/28) 

– Create a new & different relationship with self-doubt and confidence

– Learn tools to quiet the voice that says you’re not good enough

– Understand the brain science behind why we are hard on ourselves and how we can break through

Now through March 15, use the code FRIENDSBOGO when purchasing a workshop to get a second workshop for FREE!

Pair up with a friend. GIVE the gift of confidence, courage, and joy.

Ages 10-14 | Sunday, March 28, 3MT/5ET

$39 (2-for-1 special on now)

You can attend live or listen to the recording.

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Ages 30+ | Wednesday, March 31, 6MT/7CT/8ET 

$39 (2-for-1 special on now)

You can attend live or listen to the recording.

Register Here

Friend-for-Free special now through Mar 15

Use FRIENDSBOGO code when buying a workshop, get the 2nd one FREE

Workshop Leaders

Special guest Stephanie LaFlora!

A creative force for good, Steph is a brilliant storyteller, music producer, & brand strategist. When she’s not supporting her creative endeavors, you can find her traveling and adventuring with her toddler and husband.

Susie Rinehart

Susie Rinehart is an award-winning writer, former HS teacher, ultrarunner, mom, and a brainstem tumor survivor. She began writing her blog from her hospital bed and is now an inspiration for those facing adversity to create a Brave over Perfect life.

Tips for Navigating Uncertainty and Finding Ease

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