I choose joy over fear,
and brave over perfect.

author. storyteller. life coach.

My Story

I’m a writer. ultrarunner. activist. mom. I dive into discomfort and teach how to swing for the bleachers in life. Welcome to my home on the web. I’m so happy you’re here! If you were at my real home, you’d have to move kids’ stuff off the couch and make your own cup of tea anyway, so get comfortable where you are and read more of my story

Susie at TEDx Boulder

Letter to my daughter…You don’t need to prove your worth

Dear Daughter, You are ten years old as I write this letter, meant for you to read as a young woman. This is your map… Read more

Risk the Wildest Places

This morning, like every morning, I chose a random Mary Oliver poem to read. Today I stumbled on “Magellan.” And because I was procrastinating from… Read more

I’m alive because of Mary Oliver writing, “There is nothing more pathetic than caution.”

High winds, full moon, pen and poetry in hand, we head out. It’s the only way I know to honor the poet who gave me… Read more