I choose joy over fear,
and brave over perfect.

author. storyteller. life coach.

“Breathtaking. Raw. Real. This is a memoir about what it means to have a voice. When Rinehart loses her ability to speak, she learns to listen to herself.”

Jen Pastiloff, author of On Being Human


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My Story

I’m a writer. ultrarunner. activist. mom. I dive into discomfort and teach how to swing for the bleachers in life. Welcome to my home on the web. I’m so happy you’re here! If you were at my real home, you’d have to move kids’ stuff off the couch and make your own cup of tea anyway, so get comfortable where you are and read more of my story

Susie at TEDx Boulder

The opposite of joy is not sadness; it's perfectionism

The Opposite of Joy

“There is nothing benign about believing we have to earn our value on the planet. The opposite of joy is not sadness; it’s perfectionism. I… Read more

Brave Over Perfect Photo and Cake Credit sallykeefe

Book Tour Updates

I’m going to be in NYC from May 29-June 2, Boston from June 2-5 and Toronto from July 26-30! Do you want to connect? I’d… Read more

Fierce Joy Book Launch

The Wait is Over!

The Wait is Over! Happy Launch Day!  We did it!  Fierce Joy is being born today. AVAILABLE NOW! Get your copy today! “The world needs… Read more

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